We help YOU meet the nutrition, lifestyle and wellbeing needs of your target audience.

We Help Clients Create and Deliver
Nutrition Services, Messages and Products that Work

We work with organisations to develop and deliver effective nutrition services and products that meet the nutrition, lifestyle and wellbeing needs of their target audience. We help bring client nutrition projects to life, providing expertise and support from concept all the way to delivery.

We also work with individuals empowering them to achieve their nutrition, lifestyle and wellbeing goals. Contact us to find out how we can help you achieve your objectives.

We have a track record of communicating nutrition principles in a format that is easily understood yet impactful. We engage with audiences and provide expert credible, comprehensive and evidence-based information to the media

We provide nutrition and dietetic services to healthcare providers such as care homes, hospitals and nursing homes. With an extensive experience of working in this area of the healthcare sector, our expertise includes:

We deliver a suite of industry-recognised food safety training courses to assist clients in meeting their food safety responsibilities and obligations. In addition, our signature Basic Nutrition & Food Service Awareness Course

We are experts in developing and delivering products and services aimed at West African audiences and this target audience. We provide nutrition consultancy, one-to-one nutrition and lifestyle coaching sessions,

We have a vast experience of providing nutrition consultancy services and work with our clients to bring their various projects to their expected outcome. For more than 14 years we have worked on consultancy briefs

Health and wellbeing matters in the workplace. Not just because of the financial impact employee sickness and absenteeism has on your organisation but also because of its impact on staff morale and productivity. We help

We provide specialist advice privately on a one-to-one basis to patients with diabetes, coeliac disease, raised cholesterol, high blood pressure, women’s health  issues and overweight/obesity. We also provide healthy

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We are a trusted and experienced nutrition consultancy provider working with both organisations and individuals since 2007.

We Are Reliable and Professional

We have a track record of serving all our clients with professionalism and excellence.

We Provide Value for Money

We have extensive experience of delivering bespoke solutions that work to clients in the private, public and charity sectors. We also do this for our individual clients.

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