It’s another new year and that time again when ‘detox’ is everyone’s favourite buzzword. With the festive season well and truly behind us, many will have resolved to eat better and live healthier and consider a detox as the best way to kick-start their resolution. But does ‘detoxing’ actually work?

The idea behind detoxing is that the body needs to be rid of toxins every now and then in order to remain healthy. Advocates claim that detoxing regularly can help with weight loss, improve cellulite and energy levels as well as improve digestion. Detox diets often involve eating a limited range of foods such as only fruit and vegetables or cutting out foods like wheat, dairy, caffeine and alcohol. Sometimes food is avoided altogether for short periods of time.

The truth is that detoxing is a myth with no scientific basis. If toxins indeed accumulated in our bodies then we would be sick. To combat this, the human body has its very own hard-working sophisticated, in-built ‘detoxifiers’ for getting rid of anything it does not need in the form of a number of organs including the liver and kidneys. And they do not need any help.

Any weight loss tends to be because of the restrictive nature of detox diets but it’s the wrong sort of weight loss – water (from the liver and muscle), not fat is lost. Additionally, cutting out certain food groups without the supervision of a registered dietitian can result in nutritional deficiencies which can jeopardize health and wellbeing.

Like other diets to avoid in 2019, detoxing is more of a fad and marketing ploy than a means to achieving your long-term health and well-being goals. For genuine support from a registered nutrition professional to accomplish these, why not contact us today?

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