Employee Wellness program and Managing  Health and program Business team hands at work

Workplace Wellness

Health and wellbeing matters in the workplace. Not just because of the financial impact employee sickness and absenteeism has on your organisation but also because of its impact on staff morale and productivity. We work with your organisation to improve your employees health and wellbeing via:


Seminars, Workshops and Demonstrations

Our interactive workshops, seminars and demonstrations promote good health behaviours with the aim of preventing work-related and lifestyle illness. We educate, equip and empower participants, enabling employees  live and work productively. Topics covered include behaviour change strategies, food and feelings, physical activity, healthy eating, recipe adaptation, hydration and stress management.

Individual Coaching and One-to-One Support

Following screening and risk-assessment for diabetes, heart disease, overweight and obesity we liaise with occupational health and work with employees in a comprehensive and sensitive manner,  providing evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle advice and support to address any issues raised.

Employee and Organisational Needs Assessments

We assess employee and organisational health and wellbeing needs and depending on findings provide information, guidance, and recommendations as well as  implementation strategy. We work with organisations to develop occupational health initiatives and contribute and shape health and wellbeing policy that is beneficial to service users.

Catering Consultancy

Given that 60% of employee daily dietary intake is consumed within the workplace the impact of nutrition on health and wellbeing cannot be underestimated. We work with in-house catering or catering contract providers to ensure that employee health and wellbeing is positively impacted by the food and beverage service provided.