We work with healthcare providers such as care homes, hospitals and nursing homes. We also see individuals privately on a one-to-one basis. Our expertise includes:

Clinical Dietetics

We work alongside medical teams and other healthcare professionals in the care and management of patients within a range of specialities, including coronary care, endocrine, gastroenterology, medicine, surgical, geriatrics and orthopaedics. We advise on the best course of action in regard to an individual’s nutritional status, provide nutrition plans and advise on how best to avoid the side-effects and interactions between diet and medications. We also prescribe oral nutritional supplements if necessary.

Nutrition Training

We deliver nutrition education training for doctors and other healthcare professionals, patients and their carers on topics including (but not limited to) preventing and managing malnutrition, overweight and diabetes.

Catering Consultancy

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of quality care. Care settings are legally required to meet government [Care Quality Commissioners (CQC)] and national hospital food standards for nutrition to ensure their food and beverage services are safe, nutritionally adequate and capable of meeting patients’ nutritional needs. Our robust understanding of the operational requirements and challenges associated with this means we provide expert support and consultancy to clients including:

  • Catering tender specification, contract and mobilisation guidance
  • Nutrition screening tool implementation e.g. MUST
  • Recipe development and nutritional analysis
  • Menu planning, development and analysis
  • Menu review and coding
  • Menu capacity analysis
  • Special diet provision e.g. texture modified meals
  • Performance management and compliance audits
  • Catering and food service staff training
    • Basic nutrition & food service awareness
    • CIEH food hygiene training (Levels 1, 2 and 3)