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Nutrition Consultancy

Healthcare Catering

We help healthcare catering providers meet their legal requirements to provide food and beverage services that are safe, nutritionally adequate and capable of meeting patients’ nutritional needs. We have a robust understanding of the operational requirements and challenges experienced in achieving this and provide consultancy  through:

  • Catering tender, contract and mobilisation guidance
  • Menu review and coding
  • Menu planning, development and analysis
  • Recipe development and analysis
  • Performance management and compliance audits
  • Catering and food service staff training
    • Basic nutrition & food service awareness
    • CIEH food hygiene training (Levels 1, 2 and 3)

Product  & Project Development

We work with our clients to develop their ideas and provide guidance on the development of their products.

  •  Products e.g. medical nutrition
  • Product launch communication strategy

Food Business Consultancy

We enable food business clients meet their legal requirement to provide safe food and give guidance on making menus healthier and appealing to health-conscious consumers. We also highlight simple changes that have the most impact in terms of nutrition for restaurants and takeaways.

Consumer Insights and Trends

We proactively keep up-to-date with emerging trends, research and developments in the field of nutrition and health, passing insights on these to clients and enabling them customise their  products and services (including digital content) to suit specific markets and audiences.